A Peaceful, or for that matter, Tasteful, Takeover in the Kitchen by Technology?

In a Kitchen, there is always some kind of technology at work. Even in Pre-historic times, before kitchens, some resources were changed into an eating gadget or a cutting tool. In Modern Kitchens, almost everything could be labelled technology. A new wave of technological convenience and efficiency found its way into the kitchen.

The Strange, and the Helpful, and then the ‘Just Weird’ Kitchen Gadgets.

Here is a list of a few new ones, intended for the kitchen.

Cinnibird is a pen that uses spices and seasonings for ink. You can doodle pictures on all your meals and beverages.

A magnifying spoon will prevent you from eating anything you don’t want to eat, and from swallowing that fly, again.

An electronic nose, battery operated that can detect the freshness and quality levels of meat.

With a “Vision Toaster,” you will never have burnt toast again. You can pop it out just before it turns to dark. This is actually just a modern version of an old type of toaster.

The egg minder keeps track of how many eggs are left and notifies you. You will never again get stuck in the middle of baking and found there are no eggs to use.

A butter knife that heats up while you hold it in your hand. Your own body heat is conducted into this knife enabling you to spread butter straight from the fridge. This would also be very helpful during winter times.

An app-controlled slow cooker will enable you to start preparing dinner before you leave the office for home. Fill up with all ingredients before leaving for work and do the rest via the app. You will have dinner when you get home.

The digital transformation has just begun in the kitchen. Products designed to delight and entertain you will slip into kitchens, making food preparation manageable and more productive. Even reluctant cooks can start having fun in the kitchen.