Although it might seem that Technology only includes Electronic Devices and methods, it actually is terminology for a much wider range of actions and objects. Technology is not a new Invention. Technology is the Application of Scientific Knowledge for Practical Purposes. The term is inclusive of many different techniques and processes and includes a diverse range of products. The use of technology began with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools.
Nowadays a simple tool would be, a needle and thread, or a hand operated mixing whisk, for that matter, it could be the running tap water, opened and closed with the turn of a knob. Modern technology is far more scientific and further advanced. You can have taps that react on the clap of a hand and that sing a song while you shower. The whisk is now an electric food processor that mixes away on its own, while you read your recipe. And our needle and thread became a sewing machine.
And these are not just machines, they are programmed and some can even listen and operate to verbally given instructions. Very advanced and specialised. Our dream machines, that makes life so much easier. Even tedious tasks can become fun using modern technology products.