How to Draw More People to Visit Museums Again

People don’t like going to museums anymore.  Museums are packed with information.  But you can find almost all the information displayed in a museum through googling on a computer, tablet or Smartphone.  People love their technologies and like to have that carry through on each level of their lives.  That is big competition for a mere museum.

3 ways to ensure that people will visit your museum

  1. Do some research in your museum’s archives and deep-storage?
  2. Find Ancient, Egyptian artefacts, hidden very deep in the archives, locked away securely for many ages. Do not ask why.
  3. Find out how to use artefacts and start implementing them…

NO!  You do not need to go to such extreme lengths.  Museums are finding their feet in the technological world without needing extreme, outlandish, methods to do so.

Visitors to a museum expect their digital experience to follow them everywhere they go, even into a museum.  They can find the information offered in museums, at home, on their tablets, PCs and Smartphone.  How does a museum counter this?

How museums interact with their modern visitors and how they keep them interested One step in that direction was with implementing an app for Smart phones.

The app is filled with newly offered content, for instance, behind the scenes trivia and virtual games to play.  While visiting the museum, the app will quickly give you information for each exhibition, while visiting it.  It can include sounds to further enhance the experience, for example, playing an underwater recording of whale songs, while in the Ocean life section.

Another technology product implemented is the VR headset.  Visitors are invited to don a VR headset and explore the finer details of certain exhibitions, from up close.

And then there is the electronic pen that allows visitors to draw on digital display tables and to download and save information on the exhibitions throughout the museum.

The shift to digital is starting to flow over to the Museum culture.  Technology should enhance the museum visitors experience and understanding of the exhibitions and collections they have to offer.