Customer Care

Because of the intricacies and advanced technology of modern products, you need support given by the company you’re buying your dream machine from.

5 After sale Customer Care and Support services offered by Companies selling technology products

  1. After sale Customer Care is essential. You might need advice from time to time regarding your product and its working.  Even if you have the pamphlet, it sometimes needs more explaining.
  2. Support services include call-outs to your premises during the first month after the sale. It is plausible to inspect the product in the environment where it is used when a problem does occur.
  3. Training in the use of the product is advisable. Even though a product is advertised as user-friendly and easy to operate, you still need to learn the basics and how to care for that product.  The correct care is fundamental in ensuring a longer, problem free, operating life for the product.
  4. Our Technical Support team is available 24/7 at our call centre. Book a call out or a service for your product.  There will always be a technician available to give advice.
  5. A 3-year Warranty on each and every product we sell is ensured. We support all our products and focus on improving still on our service delivery.

Always remember that it is advisable to buy genuine supplies and parts for your machines.  That will guarantee your machine or products working and will also protect against malfunctioning.